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Imagination Financial is a Houston mortgage broker that believes in empowering homebuyers by demystifying the process of getting a mortgage. Below are some frequently asked questions from our clients, as well as a glossary of terms that you are likely to run into throughout the process of getting a preapproved mortgage and buying a home.


While renting might be less expensive on a monthly basis, buying your own home allows you to become qualified for certain tax benefits. Also, monthly mortgage payments towards the purchase of a home build equity in the property that you can cash out in the future. Owning your own home also gives you the freedom to truly personalize your space and settle down.

Glossary of Terms

A mortgage that often starts at a lower interest rate than that of a mortgage with a fixed rate. The mortgage rate is adjusted periodically according to the cost of funds to the lender.

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At Imagination Financial, we believe that owning a home is a special life goal for anyone, and that you deserve the opportunity even if you’ve been told no before. We offer you our expertise, commitment to building trust, and our ability to give you options, to help you realize your dreams of home ownership sooner than you thought. If you have any questions or would like to clarify any steps or concepts around getting a mortgage, our team is available day and night to advise you through the qualifying and buying process, so don’t hesitate to give us a call or pay us a visit. Get in touch with us and let’s plan out your journey to homeownership!

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We are committed to working together to help you achieve your homeownership dreams.
Our entire team is ready to help you Imagine Your Future and Make It Reality!


Imagination Financial provides Mortgage Brokerage services throughout all of Texas, including initial consultation and pre-approval, refinances, and expert guidance for everyone from first time homebuyers to experienced investors, and covering all programs and property types. We look forward to helping you Imagine your Future and Make It Reality.


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